The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott – The Library and Museum of Freemasonry

And although very few or none of the Brethren arrive to the Sublimity and beautiful Contrivance of Hiram Abif; yet the very Enemies of Free-masonry must own, that it is the most renowned Society that ever was, is now, or perhaps ever will be upon Earth; the following true Description [C ] of the Royal Art will clearly shew its great Use to Mankind.

The Wardens are chosen from among the Master-Masons, and no Brother can be a Master of a Lodge till he has acted as Warden somewhere, except in extraordinary Cases, or when a Lodge is to be formed, and none such to be hand, for then three Master- Masons, tho’ never Masters nor Wardens of Lodges before, may be constituted Master and Wardens of that new Lodge.

He must be well acquainted with all the private and public Rules and Orders of the Craft; he ought to be strictly honest, humane of nature, patient in Injuries, modest in Conversation, grave in Counsel and Advice, and above all constant in Amity and faithful in Secrecy.

Any Brother may send in a Petition or Recommendation, but none are admitted to sit and hear the Debates but the Grand Officers, Treasurer, Secretary, and the eight Masters summoned for that Purpose. If any Lodge within the Limits of the City of London, cease to meet regularly during twelve Months successive, and not keep up to the Rules and Orders of the Grand Lodge, its Number and Place shall be erased or discontinued in the Grand Lodge-Books; and if they Petition to be inserted or owned as a regular Lodge, it must lose its former Place and Rank of Precedency, and submit to a new Constitution.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott

THEREFORE I humbly presume it will of Consequence be granted, that the Welfare and Good of Mankind was the Cause or Motive of so grand an Institution as Free-Masonry no Art yet ever being so extensively useful which not only tends to protect its Members from external Injuries, but to polish the rusty Dispositions of iniquitous Minds, and also to detain them within the pleasant Bounds of true Religion, Morality, and Virtue; for such are the Precepts of this Royal Art, that if those who have the Honour of being Ahimxn thereof would but live according to the true Principles of the Ancient Craft, every Man that’s endowed with the least Spark of Ahimzn or Honesty, must of course approve rwzon Actions, and consequendy endeavour to follow their Steps.

THOSE whom I aim at, are the miserable Wretches of Low-Life, often introduced by rfzon Men 1 [20] some of whom can neither read nor write; and when by the Assistance of Masonry they admitted to the Company of their Betters, they too often act beyond their Capacities; and under the Pretence of searching for Knowledge, they fall into Scenes of Gluttony or Drunkeness, and thereby neglect their necessary Occupation and injure their poor Families, who imagine they have a just Cause to pour out all their Exclamations and Invectives against the whole Body of Free-Masonry, without considering or knowing that our Constitutions and Principles are quite opposite to such base Proceedings.

The admired noble Spirit finding a Mother’s Threats to be very harsh, but her Stripes more bitter than an Thing beside; comparing his Love to her as his Mother, with rezob Duty he owed to his Father; the one mighty but the other impulsive; he lays her and her fond Conceit in one Scale; his Father, his own Honour, and the solemn injunctions to Secrecy, in the other Scale; and finding her intrinsic Weight as being his Mother, but lighter than Wind being thus gone out of herself.

And the new Master signifying his cordial Submission thereto, the Grand-Master shall, by certain significant Ceremonies and ancient Usages, install him and present him with his Warrant, the Book of [G] Constitutions, the Lodge-Book and the Instruments of his Office, one after another; and after each of them the Grand-Master, his Deputy, or some Brother for him, shall rehearse the short and pithy Charge that is suitable to the Thing present.


The first edition drew heavily on the Books of Constitutions written for the Moderns Grand Lodge by James Anderson but later editions contained more original material and were much more critical of the Moderns so the book is also the story of the rivalry between the two. Lodge jurisdiction equal distance from each other 3 — See this explained in the Regulation for Charity. Indeed continued he there was one Flavius I think he was a Soldier took a great deal of Notice of the Rezin, and other Matters about it; as did another Man, called Jerry; There were two others whose Names I have ahuman, but aahiman one of them as an excellent Dreamer 8and the rezoon was very handy in collecting all Manner of good Writing after the Captivity.

I insensibly fell into a Slumber, when me-thought four Men entered my Room; their Rezn appeared to be of rezno ancient Fashion, ahiamn their Language also I imagined to be either Hebrew, Arabic, or Aihman, in which they addressed me, and I immediately answered [xi] them after the Pantomine Fashion; After some formal Ceremonies, I desired to know their names and from whence they came; to which one of them answered me in English We are four Brothers, and came from the holy City of Jerusalem; our Names are Shallum, Ahiman, Akhub, and Talmon.

IN the Lodge he is to behave with all due Decorum, least the Beauty and Harmony thereof should be disturbed or broke; He is to be obedient to the Master and the presiding Officers, and to apply himself closely to the Business of Masonry, that he may the sooner become a Proficient ahimna, both for his own Credit and for that of the Lodge. THEN the Grand-Master placing the Candidate on his Left-Hand, and having asked and obtained the unanimous Consent of the Brethren, shall say after some other Ceremonies and Expressions that cannot be writtenI constitute and form these good Brethren into a new regular Lodge, and appoint you, Brother A.

The exhibition will examine the sources for the book, its supporters, the importance of poetry and song, its publishing history and the legacy the book has left behind. ahlman

All Petitions or Recommendations shall be signed by some Master or Warden of a regular Lodge, to whom the Petitioner is personally knoOwn, and who shall if in Town attend the Steward’s Lodge, to assert the Truth of the Petition. Behaviour at meeting without Strangers, but not in a formed Lodge.

Ahiman Rezon — Wikipédia

THE Benefits arising reaon a dezon Observance of the Principles of the Craft, are so apparent that I must believe every good Man would be fond to possess and practice the rezom because those Principles tend to promote the Happiness of Life, qhiman they are founded on the Basis of Wisdom and Virtue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Among the other Noblemens Sons who had been at this weighty Business, was that faithful Youth the Son of the grave Papirius, whose Family was one of the most noble and illustrious in all Rome.

HE is not to neglect his own necessary Avocations 1 for the Sake of Masonry, nor to involve himself in Quarrels with those who through Ignorance may speak Evil of or ridicule it. He kindly received it and read it over, whilst I impatiently waited to hear his Opinion; which at last to my Mortification amounted to no more than an old Hebrew Proverb which Ahiman translated thus: YOU are to salute one another as you have been, or shall be instructed; freely communicating Ahian of Knowledge, but without disclosing Secrets, unless to those that have given long Proof of their taciturnity and Honour, and without derogating from the Respect due to any Brother, were he not a Mason; for though all Brothers and Fellows are upon [32] the Level, yet Masonry divests no Man of the Honour that was due him before he was reson a Mason, or that shall become his Due afterwards; nay, it rather adds to his Respect, teaching us to give Honour to whom it is due, especially to a noble and eminent Brother, whom we should distinguish from all of his Rank and Station, and serve him readily according to our ability.


But the Grand Installation is not performed until the real new Grand-Master is present.

The Precedency of Lodges is grounded on the Seniority of the Constitution. Every Brother should belong to some particular Lodge, and cannot be absent without incurring Censure, if not necessarily detained. Speak thou art the elder; for it becometh thee; but with sound Judgment; and hinder not Music. But it was found inconvenient to insist upon Unanimity in several Cases, and therefore the Grand-Masters have allowed the Lodges to admit a Member if there are not above three Ballots against him; though some of the Lodges desire no such Allowance.

And if the Members of the Grand Lodge cannot reconcile the Grand-Master with his Deputy or Wardens, they are to allow the Grand-Master to discharge his Deputy rrezon Wardens, and to choose another Deputy immediately, and the same Grand Loge, in that Case, shall forthwith choose other Grand- Wardens, so that Harmony and Peace may be preserved.

But Free and Accepted Masons rezkn not allow Cowans to work with them, nor shall they be employed by Cowans without an urgent Necessity; and even in that Case they must not teach Cowans, but must have a separate Communication; no Labourer shall be employed in the proper Work of Free-Masons. BUT as Masonry hath at several Times felt the injurious Effects of War, Bloodshed, and Devastation, it was a stronger Engagement to the Craftsmen to act agreeable to the Rules of Peace and Loyalty, the many proofs of which Behaviour hath occasioned the ancient Kings and Powers to protect and defend them.

And as I intended to give the [viii] World a History of Masonry for several Years before the Creation, I made no manner of Doubt but my Work should live as least two Thousand years after the general Conflagration.

The Library and Museum online catalogue lists all the editions of Ahiman Rezon held by the Library and Museum with further details. But to avoid disputes, the Grand-Master usually gives a particular commission, under his Hand and Seal of Office countersigned by the Grand Secretary to the senior Grand Warden, or in his Absence to the junior, to act as Deputy Grand-Master when the Deputy is not in Town. THEREFORE I am of the Opinion, that if Secrecy and Silence be duly considered, they will be found most necessary to qualify a Man, for any Business of Importance; If this be granted, I am confident that no [10] Man will dare to dispute that Free-Masons are superior ahimab all other Men, in concealing their Secrets, from Times immemorial; which the Power rwzon Gold, that often has betrayed Kings and Princes, and sometimes overturned whole Aahiman, nor the most ahmian Punishments could never extort the Secret even from the weakest Member of the whole Fraternity.

Accordingly, Laurence Dermott, who was at one time their Grand Secretary, and afterward their Deputy Grand Master, compiled such a work, the first edition of which was published by James Bedford, at London, inwith the following ahimaj Included in the display will be a number of first editions, the second edition of with the first official publication of the arms of the Antients Grand Lodge, a copy of the 4th edition with a fine Masonic binding that was used by the Grand Lodge itself and a newly acquired copy of the 7th edition belonging to a military lodge attached to the 4th Battalion of the Royal Artillery.

Horace, among rzeon continual Laws, would have every Man keep ahman whatsoever was done or said; For this Reason the Athenians were wont when they met at any Feast that the most ancient among them haiman should shew every Brother the Door whereat they entered, said, Take Heed that no so much as one Word pass out from hence, of whatsoever shall here be acted or spoken. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.