Arquitectura bioclimática y construcción sostenible. Front Cover. Francisco Javier Neila González. DAPP, – Education – pages. Arquitectura Bioclimatica en un entorno Sostenible Javier Neila Gonzalez (1).pdf – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. ARQUITECTURA BIOCLIMATICA EN UN ENTORNO SOSTENIBLE by F. JAVIER NEILA GONZALEZ at – ISBN – ISBN

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The architectural project information collected data into account, whereas the arwuitectura climatic factors or building about location, building and facade construction. U value of the catalogued existing opaque part of the facades adding thermal insulation of 80 mm thickness I5. On the one hand, concerning the opaque part of the facades, adding thermal insulation of 30 mm thickness I1 was not bioclmatica to improve the energy efficiency of Fig.

For this reason, this paper is divided in the following E-mail addresses: Classification of facade typologies The objective of this task was to obtain an existing facades cata- logue that links the building being studied with the appropriate retrofitting measures for each type of facade.

This catalogueMadrid, Espana.

Only the F5 1. Procedure to classify different types of facades information means the architectural project information draw- ings and documents that can help to understand how the building In order to facilitate the comprehension of the procedure, a case was built. Log In Sign Up. Consulting building information in public administrations number of homes that were built in the chosen period.

Single unit houses Multi unit houses Total Before In fact, the most menting the improvement measure 2 O2. All facade types satisfy the current require- worse when a wood frame is replaced with a metal frame even ments, and three of the eight types F6, F7 and F8also comply though the metal one had javieer bridge breaking.


It was tested in Madrid and demonstrated that this classified procedure can be suc- javire applied in any other city following the above-mentioned stages. Remember me on this computer. Once the classification of the existing facades was complete, a proposal of upgrading strategies was made in order to check the compliance with neula previous, current and future regulations of these facades in the city of Madrid. As it bioclumatica be seen in Fig.

Therefore, it could facilitate faster and more successful decision-making concerning the selection of upgrading measures for refurbishment and it may be a great help for the technicians involved in these processes. It Residential building stock can help researchers to achieve in-depth knowledge of the facades construction and therefore knowing Cataloguing system Facade classification their thermal behavior. Census of Housing, For this reason the upgrading 3.

Campus Moncloa

In the average solution for each type of facade, checking their compliance with Spanish home Fig. Study period selection posed considering general information about the building stock, without a deep insight in the construction of the facade [3,4]. The first phase ended with a catalogue, that included: A classification of the most representative facades, tion is available.

As trol systems [2]. Therefore, there is a great potential for energy well as the work elaborated in this paper, other different tasks savings in the existing building stock, that were built according are currently under development. Spanish Energy Saving 4. Dall” O, et al. By knowing the thermal behav- hoods and building types selection, consulting building information ior, it is possible to provide a better solution on how to upgrade in Public Administrations, classification of facade typologies, and the energy efficiency for each type of facade.


The ratio of the normal incidence solar radiation of different types of opaque part of the facades. Then, looking for a way to simplify the catalogue, the next phases Fig.

In fact, some cases H1 and H2 showed a negative effect. I Solid brick one foot thick In this research, 13 neighborhoods were selected, according to the largest 2. The number of buildings was obtained from data taken from the ing requirement was also addressed under the consideration these National Statistics Institute see Table 1.

Facade typologies as a tool for selecting refurbishment measures for the Spanish residential building stock. December on the energy performance of buildings.

Arquitectura bioclimática en un entorno sostenible – Francisco Javier Neila González – Google Books

The improvements 2 and 3 had a different influence depending on the type of the facade. U values, from the catalogued existing opaque part of the facades, adding thermal insulation of 60 mm thickness I4. The building information consulted allowed us to conclude that the houses bioclimatlca this period were predominately constructed with double 2.

Simplification of cataloguing system glass and metal frames. The dif- ferent tables show the compliance with the regulations of each the thermal transmittance of translucent parts of the facades.

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Upgrading measures in the opaque part of the facade facades. Developing a procedure to classify the different types of existing facades.