Click to request quote or sample of BYK-A Defoamer. BYK Chemie | Additives for Coatings and Plastics . BYK-A has a flash point of F. defoamer improves fiber wetting, and is also used in highly thixotropic gel coats and acrylic resin syrups. BYK-A has a flash point of F. While BYK-A . Silicone containing solution of foam destroying polymers. Acts as a very good silicone based polymeric defoamer for solvent-borne and solvent-free coatings.

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Underwater byj anti-pollution and anti-corrosion epoxy coating and preparation method thereof. The ratio of the above-described curing agent B, C, and silica coupling agent KH was added to a stirred homogeneous the sealed container, packaged for use.

Com immersed in the I- chloro, then added to the the present invention formulation. The substrate was dried and free of loose rust, moisture, dirt, oily substance and loose paint. The low VOC coating composition gyk to claimfurther comprising a microsphere.

BYK defoamer BYK-A530

Water-based polyurethane anticorrosive coating for containers and preparation method for coating. A new low VOC coating composition includes an aliphatic polyisocyanate based on isophorone diisocyanate and hexamethylene diisocyanate polyacrylate; a solvent-free, low viscosity aliphatic polyisocyanate resin based on hexamethylene diisocyanate; and a catalyst. Method of preparing paint capable of preventing random scrawling and adhibitting and contamination washing agent. Bk, the composition further optionally contains a defoamer, a liquid rheology additive, microspheres and pigments.

The ratio of the above-described curing agent, coupling agent, and a thixotropic agent is added to the closed vessel are stirred hook standby.

The low VOC coating composition according to claimwherein the alkali aluminosilicate microspheres are ceramic microspheres. Pastes containing matting and structuring agents and coating agents containing said pastes.


Solvent-free anticorrosive paint composition capable of being solidified in seawater.

De-aerator for epoxy/PUR systems and adhesives: BYK-A

Curing agent for water-based two-component type curable resin, composition thereof and using method of z530 same. Temperature-difference resistant two-component modified epoxy coating for offshore platform. New polyisocyanate mixtures, a process for their preparation and their use as curing component in polyurethane coating.

The coating according to claim 1, wherein the weight ratio of A component to B component is 4: Environmental-friendly polyaniline modified micaceous iron oxide anticorrosive coating and preparation method thereof.

The ratio of the curing agent described above C, silica and coupling agent was added to KH Stir the sealed container, packaged for use. A aliphatic polyisocyanate mixture, and the aliphatic polyisocyanate mixture contains based on the polyisocyanate HDI, and aliphatic polyisocyanates, n-butyl acetateand isophorone diisocyanate IPDI.

Anticorrosive coating material composition, double-layered coating film formed by using the same and vessel and marine structure equipped with double-layered coating film. B comprising a solvent-free hexamethylene diisocyanate. Rapid curing high-tenacity epoxy anticorrosive coating for ship cabin and preparation method.

CN107667131A – No voc paint – Google Patents

AEGEON Advanced Coatings produced by curing the aqueous epoxy coating can not only provide corrosion protection for underwater work equipment and materials, but can also be applied in a high humidity environment locations. Polyaniline modified glass flake heavy-duty anti-corrosive coating and preparation method thereof. The ratio of the above-described bisphenol A epoxy resins, diluents, wetting agents, defoamers and leveling agents into the mixing tank stirred evenly dispersed; Stir added preservative ; thixotropic agent added to stir; auxiliary fillers and pigments were added and uniformly stirred; the mixture was stirred uniformly polished, and finally the filler is added preservative stir standby.


CN CNA en. The anti-pollution and anti-corrosion coating disclosed by the invention has the advantages of good underwater coating anti-corrosion performance, strong adhesion, great impact resistance by, good flexibility, and can effectively prevent the problems that a paint film is damaged, and the damages and corrosion of a steel plate and concrete are accelerated due to the buk attachment of marine organisms.

Dual-component aqueous polyurethane paint with scrawling resistance and pasting resistance and preparation thereof. Ultra-thick film solvent-free thermal spraying quick-drying heavy-duty anti-corrosive paint and bykk thereof.

Room-temperature-curable aqueous anticorrosion primer used for coating byl surface x530 construction crane and preparation method of primer.

Thixotropic coating composition, process for coating a substrate with such coating composition and the coated substrate thus obtained. The invention discloses an underwater coating anti-pollution and anti-corrosion epoxy coating and a preparation method thereof.

The low VOC coating composition according to claimfurther comprising aluminum flakes. The product has the following characteristics: Elastic polyurethane silver paint and preparation method and use method ybk. The coating according to claim 1, wherein said component A: A preparation as claimed in claim, characterized in that the method comprises the steps of: Long-acting water-soluble and environmentally-friendly steel structural protective coating.

Underwater solventless epoxy anti-corrosive coating and preparation method thereof.

The low VOC coating composition according to claimfurther comprising at least one pigment. The method according to claim 7, nyk said step I is: