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I presented myself as interested in how higher education institutions deal with the armed conflict and whether or not they have contributed to peacebuilding and avoided making reference to my previous position at the Ministry, but when I was asked about it I acknowledged it and was willing to discuss topics related to that position after the interview.

Across the country, colleges joined the SATC program and provided military induction tocollege men Cardozier, In hindsight, the list of purposes and functions develop by the Carnegie Foundation was important for several reasons: Unlike the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education and de Moura Castro and Levythis dissertation does not evaluate higher education or its contribution to a societal goal in this case, peace.

In an effort to articulate the transition from college to the military, the dean of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania suggested the creation of the! If it is assumed that a university is a group of scholars students and professors do they need to act together to represent the university?

In addition to the semi-structured interviews, I conducted informal interviews with different types of informants including higher education experts, professors, and students. Training the skilled labor force has been a basic function of higher education. For example, Degucadtilla. The inclusion of a function does not necessarily mean that universities or higher education institutions must perform it or that I believe that all higher education institutions do perform it.

SDS – Smart Development Systems Corp.

Research from the field of education and conflict — which focuses mostly in primary education — suggests that education can contribute to either! Research Design Cartllla of analysis. The final selection of participants included some of those contacted by email and others referred by key informants.

Like in other topics from the field of education and conflict, literature about peace education in higher education is scarce, to the point that Harrisp. This information was helpful for the design of the interview guide and to provide context information to the case study.



The Russian Empire, allied to Serbia, announced a massive mobilization of troops in support of Serbia. In the United States, some professors, particularly historians, were actively engaged in the design of war propaganda, and in Russia, universities became places of indoctrination.

As it will be argued later on, one of the reasons is that the concept of peacebuilding emerged until the s, after most of these conflicts ended. In the first case, clear signs of the end of the conflict, like a formal surrender, a peace treaty, or a negotiated cessation of hostilities are easy to observe.

Purpose of the Study This dissertation is an effort to better understand the role of higher education in societies suffering armed conflict and how higher education can contribute to peacebuilding. The concept of university is relative as well, not only because the formal definitions of university vary across nations but also because of the multiple shapes that the concept of university can take. The preeminence of technical education led to questioning if universities should exist at all.

More than theoretical elaborations, the presentations in this seminar were practice oriented. It is clear that the education process is a continuum, and that educational institutions have several elements in common.

In this line of thinking, Goodman explored the role of universities in social change in Latin America, and acknowledged certain protagonist role of students but refuted any revolutionary role of the universities as institutions.

Triangulation across interviewees was possible within and between interviewees groups rectors, government, experts. But universities are complex institutions and a broader, holistic perspective is necessary to understand their role in societies undergoing a transition from conflict to postconflict. Cuba and Nicaragua were selected because they became emblematic revolutions for the rest of Latin America and some other countries in the world.

How does the role that higher education institutions played during the conflict affect their role in a post-conflict transition? This is also the first study on higher education and internal violent conflict analyzing several countries, several universities, and multiple functions of higher education. Hence, the main characteristics of this classification are: Some additional questions that guide this research are: The third approach links universities with active involvement in political revolutions.

This study will use a different approach in which the role of higher education in peacebulding will be explored from the perspective of the functions of higher education, an approach that is explained in detail in the next chapter.

The set of functions identified in these works are not enough to describe the complexities of higher education in conflict and postconflict settings, which motivated the creation of the catalog of functions used in this dissertation. The research incorporates the analysis of 23 semi-structured interviews, published and unpublished documents, institutional websites, and government statistics, among others.


This international overview illustrates how universities performed some of those functions. This approach is consistent with the dominant literature on education and conflict. Other authors defend and opposite view. Child soldiers are of course an important problem, but focusing the attention only on them is not enough in a postconflict situation for two main reasons: As Jarauschp.

Chapters Fourteen to Sixteen provide a more integral view including new HEIs, in addition to those introduced in the previous chapters. Campus environment for developmental growth 5. There are many reasons that make it difficult to achieve a fully coherent classification of the functions of higher education. This leadership function is closely related to what has been already illustrated under economic development but the focus is placed on politics rather than economic development.

And, 3 How can Colombian higher education contribute to building sustainable peace in the country? Child soldiers, demobilization, disarmament, and reincorporation. All the interviews were conducted and transcribed in Spanish; only those segments that were ciitas verbatim were translated into English and to ensure accuracy, the original version in Spanish was included as a footnote.

The uniands has never addressed this question; in fact, very few people have. It also helps to describe the complex environment that HEIs face during an armed conflict and how, in some cases, universities can contribute or be used to exacerbate ongoing armed conflicts.

This type of account is better provided through qualitative research. I also kept a fieldwork log in which I recorded my impressions before and after the interviews, which sometimes included a brief visit to the campus.

Studies show that even in those countries where peace agreements have been signed, peace is still elusive.

Most authors talked about curriculum as an important component of the peacebuilding efforts at the university level. Very few people can give an estimate of the number of massacres related to the conflict in the last ten, twenty, or thirty years, not because these massacres are ignored by the people but because there have been so many that most people lost track of that number several years ago.

It must be stressed that this was an internal event with very!