Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne.

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The advocacy of what publkc don’t believe in is propaganda. The crowd unconsciously identifies its members with one or the other competitor. At the first session the twenty-five students gave me twenty-five different definitions of public relations, despite the term having been denned and redefined for a quarter century.

He was the genius who invented most of the techniques used in public relations, marketing, and political campaigns, pubkic his impacts — through the use of those techniques — have been incalculable in sociology, in politics, in economics, you name it. Cases as diverse as the following are the daily work of the public relations counsel.

He cites Everett Crystzllizing Martin ‘s book The Behavior of Crowdsdiscussing how herd mentality can exaggerate people’s unconscious urges, crystallizinf inhibitions, and heighten antagonism to other groups. Newspaper, radio, movies, theater but not TV having not been invented yet.

Certainly these diverse interpretations of the same term show the need for a uniform meaning. Nobody who hears of the renewal or the amount of money involved will believe for a moment that you intend to go out of business. Mahjongg, crossword puzzles, Valentino, and Lindbergh’s flight were some of the focal points of the era’s interest.

He is a practitioner with a wide range of instruments and a definite technique for their use. The question was how to arouse pop- ular and official interest in Lithuania’s aspira- tions. On the whole, observers of this period feel that re- formers placed their greatest faith in the unaided curative powers of publicity.

Paperbackpages. Bernays touches upon public opinion in association with the newspaper industry of ; the radio was still crystallizinv new at this point in time and he touches upon the PRC and the medium that has yet to have been tapped into for this consumer need. They do not burn mediums.


Crystallizing Public Opinion: Edward Bernays, Stuart Ewen: : Books

Between andincreased interest in the term public relations and the activity it desig- nated became evident in a growing literature on the subject, more university courses, a wide- spread discussion and examination of public re- lations technique in trade and professional public relations, and their adoption by industry and social service organizations. A good starter book for pkblic the work of the so-called “compliance professionals” read: Meanwhile the term public relations became more widely accepted.

A hair-net company had to solve the prob- lem created by the increasing vogue of bobbed hair. But in some cases such dissemination of information resulted in reform. Inin the second session of the 58th Congress, he reported the formation in the Department of Commerce benrays Labor of a Bureau of Corporations for the first time with ‘ hernays to secure proper publicity of such pro- ceedings of these great corporations as the public has the right to know.

Propaganda During the Period Development of new methods of communica- tion and transportation in the United States in the first half of the 19th Century, the telegraph inthe railroads from the Thirties on, and the making of paper from wood for the first time inhad a great effect on opinion-moulding activities. He will have strong views upon military and naval strategy, the prin- ciples of taxation, the use of alcohol and vacci- nation, the treatment of influenza, the prevention of hydrophobia, upon municipal trading, the teaching of Greek, upon what is permissible in art, satisfactory in literature, and hopeful in sci- ence.

The American Bankers As- sociation produced a series of handbooks written in simple language.

The public relations counsel works with that vague, little-understood, indefinite material called public opinion. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. His salary was one which many bank presidents might envy. This indicated a growing awareness by business of the part public opinion plays in its life — a far cry from the previous laissez faire period.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

But the definition put forth in Crystallising Public Opinion is still the accepted standard. Why is it difficult to fight for sex education? The characteristic of the human mind to ad- here to its beliefs is excellently summarized in the volume by Mr. Child’s expectation of a growing and accepted public interest in important industrial enterprises, the reader can judge for himself.


I wonder if he really thought he was pulling one over on the readers when he was rightfully boasting of his many historic accomplishments in the field — I doubt it. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Speaking of financial favoritism, he said, “Re- lentless publicity of names of purchasers and underwriters of securities. The public relations counsel will find that the conditions under which his client operates, be it a government, a manufacturer of food products or a railroad system, are constantly changing and that he must advise modifications in policy in accordance with such changes in the public point of view.

The public relations counsel is first of all a bernahs. But the confusion which sometimes clouds gen- eral understanding has not prevented the profession of public relations from growing into crystalljzing maturity, proving its value to society, and constantly gaining greater respect.

The phrase “vox populi, vox Dei” dates from that time. The Office of War Informa- tion in this country and overseas gave crystallizimg recognition to the importance of good public re- lations. This process of informing the public was often merely the now-familiar whitewash. One client is advised to withdraw the hat-check privilege, because it causes unfavorable public comment.

An illustration which embodies most of the technical and psychological points of interest in the preceding incidents may be found in Lithu- ania’s campaign in- this country infor pop- ular sympathy and official recognition.

The abolitionists formed a national organi- zation of anti-slavery societies, boycotted the products of slave labor, obtained thousands of signatures to anti-slavery petitions which they forwarded to Congress, distributed thousands of anti-slavery pamphlets and tracts, brought pres- sure to bear on Northern legislatures to pass laws antagonistic to slavery, and organized under- ground railways which helped many slaves to escape.

Uniformity is, in fact, largely natural and only partly artificial.

It was ignored by other nations. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.