Why does epydoc render one of my epytext-formatted docstrings as plaintext? How can I exclude a specific object from the generated documentation?. The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not . Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs. These graphs may be.

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Methods and attributes are listed in the classes where they are defined. The following example illustrates how fields can be used: Content characters are always displayed as-is. Even if included, private variables will be hidden by default.

The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create structured API documentation. Modules can be named using dotted names, module epydov, or package directory names. This is a another ordered list item. Any line that begins with a field tag followed by a space or newline is considered a field.

Escaping is used to write text that would otherwise be interpreted as epytext markup. Revision then it will be possible to set a value for the field using a module variable: Without the capital letter, matching braces are not interpreted as markup: The white CSS style is used; inheritance is displayed using the listed style; and all graphs are included in the output.

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The indentation of a line is defined as the number of leading spaces on that line; and the indentation of a block is peydoc the indentation of its first line.

Using Epydoc

Note that the description is indented four spaces. Because Javadoc does not mark end of the generats argument, field arguments must contain exactly one word. It is not recognized within literal and doctest blocks.

In this case they refer to constructor parameters. Corpus, Corpora “”” def example: Consolidated error reporting for failed crossreference links and overridden parameter mismatches. In particular, the following docstring generates epydo error, since the sublist is not separated from the paragraph in its parent list item by indentation: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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For example, fields can be used to define the parameters and return value of a function; the instance variables of a class; and the author of a module.

Alases for this option include “objects” and “values”. If you want to include backslashes in your docstring e.


The y intercept of the line. Headings must occur at top level.

What’s New in Epydoc

Epydoc then tries to divide the given name into a module name and an object name, and to import the object from the module. This is a description of x’s type.

This will create a directory named epydoc containing the latest version of epydoc. If the ” -p ” option is used, then these checks are run on both public and private objects; otherwise, the checks are only run on public objects. If no module is specified, and the directive is used in a module’s docstring, then that module’s import graph will be displayed. It is indented 7 spaces.

Epydoc is under active development; if you wish to keep up on the latest developments, you can get epydoc from the subversion repository.

The following example illustrates how the four basic markup types can be used:. For examples of source code pages, see the API Documentation for epydoc follow the show source link from any documented module, class, or function.