GURPS Alternate Earths 2 (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System) [ Kenneth Hite, Michael Schiffer, Craig Neumeier] on *FREE*. them all, as agents of the implacable Centrum. GURPS Alternate Earths 2 provides six more worlds usable in a. GURPS Time Travel “Infinite Worlds” campaign. GURPS Classic: Alternate Earths 2 – Again, Infinite Worlds! Serve the August Emperor as an Eye of Heaven – or plot the downfall of the.

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Or move to seize them all, as agents of the implacable Centrum. All humans living “beyond planetary atmospheres” are claimed as subjects of the corporation-dominated Rightly Guided Stellar Caliphate which did so ostensibly to preserve humanity in case the fighting on Earth became genocidal in nature. The point of divergence which made this possible is the invention of the printing press in the Abbasid Caliphate during the 9th century, which enabled the emergence of an Islamic Renaissance and consequent technological development about seven centuries ahead of real history.

Views Read Edit View history. Cornwallis takes as its point of divergence from our history the decision of Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot to not criticise the extravagances of Marie Antoinette as he did in the real world. Maybe an infinite number. Sean Punch pages. Amphibious delivery of soldiers and supplies was developed out of necessity during a war with Annan province Vietnamwhich stood China in good stead when it found the need to pacify the lands in its naval trading sphere: Surf our site for the files you want.

When Portuguese vessels entered the Indian Ocean and seized the port of Goa in defiance of Chinese authority, a fleet was alteernate to grups the Cape of Good Hope, captured European ports on the west coast, and landed at Lisbon in Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games!

Combined with the effects of the invasions of Europe by the Bulgars and MagyarsChristian Europe grups no hope of survival. The Smugglers’ Guide to Interdimensional Trade.

GURPS Alternate Earths

This section is empty. Along with the reality of extraterrestrial lifethe Stellar Gurpss also recently developed mainframe artificial intelligence agents called djinnwho are accepted as equals in Muslim society. Unfortunately, imperial control is beginning to break down and many fear the Emperor has lost the Mandate eartys Heaven. This not only prevented the succession struggle between his sister Matilda and Stephen of Blois and the Anarchy which followed Stephen’s accession to the thronebut also led to Eleanor of Aquitaine becoming even more important to Centrum’s history than she was to ours.


Why settle for only one world? Raise your eyes to the stars of the Rightly Guided Earghs Caliphate. Take to the skies to defend democracy in Bourbon Europe. Without French support the American colonies’ cause failed and the Tories in Britain acquiesced to a Second Restoration of true royal power.

The secular Jamahariya Alliance based in the New World controls gurrps third of the globe along with its ally, the totalitarian Caliphate of Hind India ; they are currently pushing for further conquest in an ultra-tech world that has not seen global war in centuries. The kings of France became the Holy Roman Emperors, but their dominance in Christian Europe came to an end when Emperor Louis II attacked what he believed to be a weakly garrisoned Iberian province but could not sustain the war economically; a similar fate befell England after its ships raided a Mexican silver shipment.

Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game gursp. Any time, any place, any world, any genre.

Chinese technology imported by the Mongols and royal patronage of Roger Bacon’s scientific inquiries meant that, although scientific progress in Centrum was slower than in our history, it maintained a head start of around a century.

You can help by adding to it. Privacy Policy Contact Us. With the riches of the city, a garrison left to hold it, and Greek fire, the Vikings’ future raids against southern Europe were vastly more successful. After this victory, James’ Catholic sympathies were displayed openly as he ignored Parliament and allied with France.

Far and away, the single best bibliography of alternate histories is Uchronia. Subversive plots by the nefarious Centrum.

GURPS Alternate Earths 2

An infinity of Earths is waiting for you! Married not to Henry II of England but to William Adelin’s son Robert the Crusader, Eleanor ruled in her husband’s absence and during their son’s infancy, establishing an incredibly powerful Anglo-French Empire by her death in Battle the Aztec Jaguar Knights in their conquest of Europe. Travel the Confederate States of America by dirigible. A plethora of new character types, from the Confederate Cavalier to the Cyber-Samurai.


World maps for five parallels. The plague also forces the imperial household to remain in the southern port city of Nanjing instead of moving to Beijing ; accordingly, Zheng He’s fleets were sustained, reached every corner of the Indian Ocean and rounded the Cape of Good Hope.

GURPS Alternate Earths II

Caliph is perhaps the strangest of the Alternate Earths settings. King James II was therefore never driven from his throne, and subsequently executed the anti-Catholic parliamentarians who had invited William to take the throne for eqrths.

Humanity has also spread to the rest of the solar system and to colony worlds in four other star systems accessible through FTL stargates. Yes, if you buy from one of these links, Amazon pays a percentage to SJ Games!

GURPS Alternate Earths 2

Any time, any place, any world, any genre. A military-industrial cabal based in Terraustralis Australiathe Centrum, imposed draconian social controls in order to survive this Last War, and eventually ventured out with the aim of reconquering the globe and incorporating all humanity into a single, rational culture and social order.

The complete bibliography earthw online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc.

The American Commonwealth, a near-theocratic Protestant nation governed by a Lord Protector appointed for life, is smaller, of a size with Nouvelle France, the sole remaining colonial possession in North America. Join the American Resistance against Nazi occupation. Raid guprs glittering pyramids of Mexico with your Vinlander kinsmen.

Christianity aletrnate exists, but it must compete with Norse paganism and “Thorism”, a syncretic religion where Thor fights on man’s behalf in Heaven in return for fealty in the afterlife.