Jul 30, HylaFAX can support multiple modems and a heavy traffic load. If you expect to send more than a few facsimiles a day, then HylaFAX is the fax. To send multiple faxes, first you need to create a file that will have fax numbers per one line. Type it or do a database query. Winprint HylaFAX is a Windows print monitor designed to send its output directly to a HylaFAX Server. Once installed, you can print to a HylaFAX Server from.

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Receiving Faxes At one point we decided we’d like to receive faxes with this fax server rather than just send.

sendfax(1) – Linux man page

I hope you know how to do it. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. These files are hylavax by hfaxd 8Cwhen submitting a job on behalf of sendfax 1 or sendpage 1.

When the user sent a fax, how can I report the status of the job to the user? Hylafax’s faxaddmodem seemed to have configured it correctly.

This is because busy signals were automatically bumbed back up to the top of the queue. Add this to your config. It automatically detected my USR Sportster and added all the correct options. Default is to just sent an email with a job number. Next you’ll be prompted for quite a few values.

fax – HylaFax – Get status of a job – Server Fault

Use sene command similar to the following:. Apparently though, you can change the following registry key set this to the number of hours: First, hyoafax want to create an appropriate PostScript printer using the “Add Printer” button. Most any other PostScript printer will probably work. If you are only configuring one fax-modem, answer no when asked if you want to configure another modem.


Restarting HylaFAX server processes. EEAA k 15 FaxDispatch FaxDispatch is a custom script that one can create for Hylafax to specify nonstandard delivery options. DLL files and registers the monitor with the system.

HylaFAX Community Edition

In yhlafax when the destination line was busy, unreachable, etc. I’m guessing that it will only work if you originally submit the fax through the sendfax command line utility from the same machine that contains that modified sendfax.

You will then be asked for values specific to the modem. Sign up using Facebook. Country Specific General For hopefully obvious reasons, the country code and dialling prefixes will vary by country.

A pop-up prompts for the phone hyafax for each print nylafax. In order for hylafax to be able to communicate with your modem, you must run faxgetty for each configured modem. Start up WHFC if it is not already started. WHFC also does not let you change the value in the settings it shows it to you, but does not let you alter it. If you want to manually edit the files that contain these settings, use your favorite editor on the ‘config’ and ‘config.


Since it pops up the dialog box asking where to send the FAX job locally, this would be ugly, at best. This did not actually work, at least not if the job was sent via WHFC. No Dial Tone Adding dial string 9 then pause then number to config file solved the problem See “PBX, Dial 9 before number” section and if you need more details on options see http: You can do it by: Failure to receive silence Added to config.

Add this to your config. This will run the WHFC client after the install.

This program will let you control serial port better. Download program called WHFC which will tell you the status of the hylafax servers.

And a folder where the faxes are. Windows On windows you would use this Win print Hylafax software.

HylaFAX Open Source – Open Source Fax Software

Look for the one that mentions serial lspci -v These are mine: Senc press Enter to accept the default values as they are a result of the modem query and the class you selected. You have a HylaFAX scheduler process running. This will pop up the “Mail Merge Helper” box. We do it by adding the