Equinox T, T and T (formerly Hypercom Optimum). Contents . If your terminal is set to manually settle, select Settle from the main menu and. Hypercom T Terminal Guide Hypercom T Terminal Guide. How to Batch verified. Merchant has option to manually deposit check. If this happens. Hypercom T PEDPack Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hypercom T PEDPack Quick Reference Manual, Quick Manual.

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Two or four lines of 20 rectangles indicate that the display is functioning properly.

The transactions are available from most recent to first. In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance. The code name is different for each processor: A note contains neutral or positive information supplementing the main text.

However, due to differences between the individual PSTNs provided in different countries, the approval does not, of itself, give an unconditional assurance of successful operation on every PSTN network termination point.

If the customer decides to swipe the card at the terminal, the operator enters Function 31 to toggle the swipe to the terminal. Terminal profiles refers to the set of options the terminal downloads from the host Term-Master Suite. The terminal prompts for the required check guarantee data, determined by the initialization options.

When it locates the invoice number in the current batch, the terminal enters Batch Review mode and displays the specified transaction. Not all hosts support this transaction type.


Hypercom T PEDPack Manuals

Step-by-Step To perform a Tender Amount transaction: Step-by-Step To perform a credit card sale transaction: Prints the contents of the Transmit and Receive Buffer. Function 96 Step-by-Step To view transaction response times: The bottom line indicates the number of transaction responses the respective windows have received.

After you press Find, the terminal requests an invoice number. Function 82 Printer Test, Function 82, tests the t42220 printer. Settlement and reconciliation functions, merchant functions, hypercmo terminal statistics are available in addition to card-initiated transactions.

XX Enter The terminal dials the host. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Function 83 Display Test enables the user to test the display.

Equinox / Hypercom t4220 User Manual

Within batch review you can void, adjust, or reprint the displayed transaction. The merchant receipt starts printing if Preprint is enabled in Term-Master. Step-by-Step To enable Training Mode: The terminal dials out for authorization. This is a substep. Step-by-Step To perform a batch log number and host ID number inquiry: The terminal displays the fifth review screen.

Step-by-Step To set the date and time: The terminal sends a reversal message if it sent a transaction request to the network but did not receive a valid response before the time-out period expired. Prints contents of Init Table Hex memory dump. The financial transaction related to the accumulation and use of points is not linked to the loyalty transaction.


Press the touch screen buttons firmly to ensure a correct response from the terminal. This chapter describes step-by-step instructions for performing financial transactions.

The issuer can block voids. EBT This display, with an approval t42220 from the host, indicates successful authorization or host capture. Repeat for each desired card type. The Merchant receipt completes printing. Process voids online or offline.

Unique business names identify specific merchants. The first time one mamual these functions is called from the batch scroll, the terminal requests a password based on the Term-Master settings.

An additional transaction, using a magnetic-striped loyalty card, is used for loyalty point management. The t42200 of a valid two-digit host ID number settles to that particular host.

Hypercom T4220 PEDPack Manuals

Type the MICR number located on the bottom of the check, or run the check through the check reader. Printing a Summary Report The Summary report prints a summary report of all transaction totals by the issuer.

If a check reader is attached to the terminal, the Check Reader Attached option must be enabled in Term- Master.

Step Terminal response Action Press the Settle key.