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If however the newcomer(s) was not able to provide the address at arrival, they must provide their Canadian address to the IRCC by completing the IMM So, the new permanent resident will be given a form IMM to or known the use of the Form IMM to recive the PR card by mail?. Does anyone has a soft copy of Form IMM I misplaced mine and need it. I can’t find it let me know if anyone has it. Thanks!.

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Originally Posted by coody. Please note that if we do not receive your address within days of the date of your admission to Canada, you will have to re-apply for your PR Card and pay the applicable fee.

Maybe they’re getting fed up imm ‘immigrants’ who don’t want to live in Canada and trying to tighten up on it to help enforce the residency requirements? Does anyone know where to get an address notification form IMM ?

Feb 5th2: These cards are valid for five years. Any new permanent resident to Canada will be issued a permanent resident card. I would really appreciate any feedback Many thanks in advance. It is a security feature to ensure your identity and to protect your information.

Address Notification

I came back to the US a day after as I had to an important engagement at work. When you change your address using this service, it will take 5 business days for it to be updated.

Find out how long it will take 4556 to process your application. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Is the address notification form IMM downloadable? The immigration officer at the border asked jmm if the address is where I will live after the landing.


Does anyone know it? The problem is whether the officer will accept your temporary address or not for receiving your PR card.

Permanent Resident (PR) Card – SAH

If you are inactive on this application for 30 minutes or more, you will be ‘Timed-Out’. You may use this on-line service if: So, the new permanent resident im be given a form IMM to complete it. Applicants can also submit their address to the Department in two other ways: Feb 1st8: These may include one or more of the following: Feb 2nd3: Post im jettaguy74 Post by tai fu Well if there is a quota of some kind on immigrants wouldn’t it make sense to give it to people who actually wants to live in Canada rather than wasting it on someone who’s getting it just for giggles?

So, I do not want to wait until I go back to Canada and have my own place The newly arrived PR will usually be asked to provide a mailing address in Canada at the port of entry.

Find More Posts by coody. Before using this service, please be sure to have a copy of all the documents you have received regarding your application s: Originally Posted by RodseyUK.

Permanent Resident (PR) Card

Then one can fax it to the PR card Processing Center. Upon this the officer did not let me use my friends address for receiving the PR card.

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Post by tai fu Well if there is a quota of some kind on immigrants wouldn’t it make sense to give it to people who actually wants to live in Canada rather than wasting it on someone who’s getting it just for giggles?


Add a Poll to this Thread. Can it be given at a POE to receive a PR card later or it is only used when you are required to to so? The Address Notification form says that if I do not have my PR card days after my landingthen there is a separate application process etc.

But, where is the form IMM ? You may use a Case Specific Enquiry form if your application has exceeded normal processing times. BB code is On.

Find More Posts by iaink. Post by jettaguy74 What Godfather06 and I are trying to say is that it is very 54456 to find a place to live in Canada without arranging somewhere to live, sight- unseen. Please ensure that the mailing address you provide will be valid for 30 days as this is where your PR Card will be mailed.

This on-line service allows Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC clients to submit an address notification or change of address on-line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. See more information about the PR Card. Feb 2nd4: During this time you should continue to monitor your current contact information.

I told him that it’s my friends address and I will go back to the US for a couple of months to defend my PhD thesis before permanently moving back to Canada.

Feb 2nd5: