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Intersil Pb-free products are MSL classified. Output Capacitor Selection The output filter capacitor must have low enough equivalent series resistance ESR to meet output ripple and load-transient requirements, yet have high enough ESR to satisfy stability requirements.

The top-side star ground is a star connection of the input capacitors and synchronous rectifiers. Low inductor values cause large ripple currents, resulting in the smallest size, but poor efficiency and high output noise.

Connect to the SMPS2 output. UVP is ignored for at least 20ms typicalafter start-up or after a rising edge on EN. As h approaches 1, the absolute minimum dropout point, the inductor current is less able to increase during each switching cycle ils6236 VSAG greatly increases unless additional output capacitance is used. The current-limit threshold adjustment range is from 20mV to mV. Ensure the gate is not pulled up by the high-side switch turning on due to parasitic drain-to-gate capacitance, causing cross-conduction problems.

When in switchover, the LDO output can source up to mA. POK1 is a true open-drain output.

Ignoring the sag due to finite capacitance: If the voltage falls too low, the converter may not be able to turn on UGATE when the output voltage falls to the reference.


The output capacitance must also be high enough to absorb the inductor energy while transitioning from full-load to no-load conditions without tripping the overvoltage fault latch. Choose R2 to be approximately 10k and solve for R1 using Equation 6.

The ISL consumes only 20? This choice determines the basic trade-off between size and efficiency. In non-CPU applications, the output capacitor’s size depends on how much ESR is needed to maintain an acceptable level of output voltage ripple: The pin 1 identifier may be either a mold or mark feature. Thus, the capacitor is usually 31 FN Extremely Low Component Count? This switchover is affected by a comparator that truncates the low-side switch ON-time at the inductor current’s zero crossing.

Keep the power traces and load connections short. CP output voltage is: POK is actively held low in shutdown, standby, and soft-start.

Use a Schottky diode with a DC current rating equal to one-third of the load current. All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Also, keep in mind that transient-response performance of buck regulators operated close to dropout is poor, and bulk output capacitance must often be added see Equation 11 on page Bypass to GND with a 0. REF can supply up to 50?

isl datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The ISL controller has a built-in 5? When the LDO is set at 3. Unless otherwise specified, tolerance: The ISL includes on-board power-up sequencing, the power-good POK outputs, digital soft-start, and internal soft-stop output discharge that prevents negative voltages on shutdown.


Use the slower 5V SMPS for the higher of the two output voltages for best dropout performance in adjustable feedback mode. Connect a resistive voltage-divider from 14V charge pump output to GND to detect the output.

High-Efficiency, Quad-Output, Main Power Supply Controllers For Notebook Computers

Size and efficiency trade-offs must be considered when setting the inductor ripple current ratio. Keep the high-current paths short, especially at is,6236 ground terminals.

EN1 or EN2 falling below 1. Exposure to such conditions may adversely impact product reliability and result in failures not covered by warranty. The ISL dual switching regulator operates at different frequencies. Continued 50 iso6236 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 0. This effectively regulates the discharge current at the negative current limit in an effort to prevent excessively large negative currents that cause potentially damaging negative voltages on the load.

The LDO regulator can supply up to mA for external loads. The crossover point occurs at an even lower value if a swinging soft-saturation inductor is used.

The benefit of forced-PWM mode is to keep the switching frequency fairly constant, but it comes at a cost: An ultrasonic pulse occurs when the controller detects that no switching has occurred within the last 20?

Dimension b applies to the metallized terminal and is measured between 0. A of quiescent current while in shutdown.