LEARNING TO USE JOSM – a guide to learning JOSM, with miscellaneous topics. ○ RESOURCES – links to information about OSM and the JOSM Editor. How to download and install JOSM, the Java OpenStreetMap editor, change some of the settings, open the instructions are similar for other operating systems. More advanced users may want to migrate to the JOSM editor at some point for We also found this JOSM Basic Manual pdf on the web, it would be good for a.

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OpenStreetMap with the JOSM editor

For example, click the “Imagery” menu and select ” Bing “. That if you want to combine ways that have different directions, you will see this warning:.

Make sure to fix issues before confirming your upload. Release the mouse button to finish drawing the box. The right mouse button lets you drag the map, and your scroll wheel allows you to zoom in and out. OpenStreetMap has a database which is separate from the main map data, especially for sharing raw GPS data. Adding node at intersections. Your Panel Layer should looks like this: The only layer that can be edited are data from OpenStreetMap, which are usually called Data Layer 1.

Tag combinations for different features.

Your first steps with JOSM — the Java OpenStreetMap editor

The JOSM editor runs directly on your desktop. Zoom in on the bit of the map you’re interested in editing. This page was last edited on 12 Aprilat The display of menu in selection tools.


Don’t like jar files? Try downloading a little bit more data in a second rectangular patch, of about the same size, alongside the area you already downloaded. This imagery was licensed from Microsoft Bing, which generously provides its amnual for OpenStreetMap users to use as a reference while contributing to the map.

Different colors represent different functional road classes. Drag the left mouse button to draw a box around the area you want to map. In this session, we will look some of the more useful plugins that exist for JOSM.

Chapter 5: Editing with JOSM — documentation InaSAFE Documentation Project

Now you’re ready to begin some basic editing. There are some common mistakes that mappers make when they start using OpenStreetmap. Add the name of the road if you know it by using the name tag. In applying the functions in this menu, you first must select a point, line or polygon in the map window.

Due to a technical glitch, OSM will not receive GPS track that have been saved on an external memory card in Garmin, but this plugin can fix the file so they can be uploaded. The example cancel node in JOSM.

If you are not mosm sure about the outline or identify of some object, you should leave these off the map. To this point, we have been doing some pre-edit steps in JOSM starting with downloading OSM data and adding satellite imagery as the background.


The controls are the same as in the JOSM map window. This is an additional tickbox option in the ‘Download’ dialog. A building can not overlap to another building.

JOSM/Guide – OpenStreetMap Wiki

Each point in a way is a node itself. If you can’t see anything you probably need to zoom out scroll backwards until things come back into view.

Remember, always avoid downloading too much data in one go. Use the Draw tool to draw a closed way where the last node connects with the first node in the way. Mapbox Blocked Manua, Follow Following. This will open up the upload window. Retrieved from ” http: Using GPS Chapter 7: There is a stage when you upload your work to OpenStreetMap when you get a window notification as in the figure below:.

Connect a two-button mouse to your computer to make working with JOSM easier. The example of overlap building. You also can save your file by click this button: