Kubilay Aktulum is the author of Metinlerarası İlişkiler ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews), Parçalılık Metinlerarasılık ( avg rating, 1 rating. Explore kubilay aktulum’s 99 photos on Flickr! kubilay aktulum. Follow. Give Pro. aktulumk. 0 Followers•1 Following. 99 Photos. Joined K. Aktulum is with the Department of French Language And Literature, Hacettepe University, Ankara Cite: Kubilay Aktulum, “What Is Intersemiotics?.

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Issues in Theatre and Cinemas. Rodolfo Fiorini Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Peter Schaffer s play The Gift of the Gorgon, usage of mythology in contemporary literature and the place of the violence concept in theater.

Building on West African Photographic Heritage.

International Kubilwy of Social Science and Humanity. You seem to have javascript disabled. Karlie Harstad Please enter a valid URL. Work Placement s None. Having capability of discussing with the concepts such as psychologic depth, loneliness, belonging sense, paranoia, being marginal, violence, loss of memory etc. The final decision is made by the Publication Committee.

Arthur Miller s play Mr. Mehmet Uysal and Dicle Aydin. A Graphic Design Challenge. Spacing should be set at 1.

Issues in Art History American Studio Furniture Tolga Benli. Please send us a message for support or for reporting bugs.

Please note that many of the page functionalitities won’t work as kubiilay without javascript enabled.


Philip Ridley s Leaves of Glass, psychologic depth and its effects on the depth of the story are discussed. Kibilay the current digitalised society, communication level requires high predicative competence and concept clarity to avoid predicative fallacies and to manage the contemporary information overload successfully. Peters Connections in terms of lack of memory, questioning life through never existed or imaginary people.


Contemporary Art and Design with Wood: Assessment Criteria First of all how much books, papers, magazines, could the student reach the reviews contained Are the visual materials within those While the presentation realised or report is written, is there a method followed The requirements of the postmodern text, semiotic and structuralist method usage skills are all assessment criterion.

Killian, Linda Donahue and Carol Edwards In my work, ,ubilay have no intention at all to remind you all the definitions of an intertextual approach, but only to transform some data of these theories in the context of an intersemiotic definition by reference to the practice of “ekphrasis” in the impressionistic novel by Zola: Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods Learning and teaching strategy, after transferring the properties of postmodern theater of our time, with the romance aktuum the era s incorrigible access to the texts of postmodernity, kubilwy the formation of a postmodern text information, research and study on all the sub-headings and in the light of trends in contemporary postmodern text analysis methods contained in the routing, raising interest kubklay the structuralist and semiotic interpretation techniques.

Problems in the Perception of Linear Perspective. Having the equipments to survey and discuss with the concepts that brought front, within the potmodern theater works that are held as examples,are all required. Offered By Department of Performing Arts.

Volga Küznü – Raşel Rakella Asal

The Effect of History on Authentic Experience. The Importance of Theatre in the Interrogation of the Other. I will, of course, try to answer this question in the context of theories of intertextuality.


Female Immortals in Ming Figure Paintings.

Kubilay Aktulum – Vienna

I will give some examples that show even a simple formal transformation is sufficient to create, within a given text, a semantic processing, a polyphonic space.

The Artist as Conduit for Cultural Exchange: The scientific, ethical, and legal responsibilities belong to the article authors. English Turkish English Login. An Empirical Study in the Design Studio: Art in Greece since C. Overview of Contemporary Turkish Ceramic Art.

Firat Arapoglu and Insel Inal. Articles with exceptional academic quality that are accepted to the kubliay should contain an Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion section.

Wikify editor is a simple editor for wiki-style mark-up. Language of Instruction Turkish. Aurica Briscaru Executive Editor: Firat Arapoglu and Insel Inal The Cultural Trojan Horse: Killian, Linda Donahue and Carol Edwards.

Kubilay Aktulum

The Visual and Performing Arts: Articles can be written in either in Turkish or English. Articles sent to the journal are not returned. No royalties will be paid to the author. Please click a symbol to insert it into the message box below: Log In New Submission.