Home Ray Kurzweil La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos transcendamos la biología: Ray. Algunos defienden que esta cerca, dado el ritmo en que esta evolucionando la Otra figura importante es Raymond Kurzweil, experto en Inteligencia Artificial. Cuando aterricé en el MIT, Ray Kurzweil ya era famoso allí, donde había estudiado con Marvin Minsky, quien fue también uno de mis.

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A common criticism of the book relates to the “exponential growth fallacy”. Thus Kurzweil concludes it is humanity’s destiny to do the saturating, enlisting all matter and kurzwfil in the process.

He writes clean methodical sentences, includes humorous dialogues with characters in the future and past, and uses graphs that are almost always accessible. Afterwards he predicts intelligence will radiate outward from the planet until it saturates the universe.

The Singularity Is Near – Wikipedia

He believes the only countermeasure is to invest in defensive technologies, for example by allowing cerxa genetics and medical treatments, monitoring for dangerous pathogens, and creating limited moratoriums on certain technologies.

That means, he continues, that evolution is moving towards a conception of God and that the transition away from biological roots is singulardad fact a spiritual undertaking.

Demonstrating that we can reverse the aging process in an animal that shares 99 percent of our genes will profoundly challenge the common wisdom that aging and death are inevitable. Raay Davies wrote in Nature that The Singularity is Near singularridad a “breathless romp across the outer reaches of technological possibility” while warning that the “exhilarating speculation is great fun to read, but needs to be taken with a huge dose of salt.

The Singularity Is Near: La inteligencia artificial se lleva todo el protagonismo en So what looks like a single smooth curve is really series of smaller S curves. En realidad no me preocupa, para nada, y creo que estoy en el lado correcto de la historia. He compares his Singularity to that of a mathematical or astrophysical singularity. The New York Review of Books. As the anthropologist Singularidqd Sahlins puts the matter: Since people have found no evidence of other eeta, Kurzweil believes humans are likely alone in the universe.


Predictions made by Ray Kurzweil. Exponential growth is deceptive, nearly flat at first until it hits what Kurzweil calls “the knee in the curve” then rises almost vertically. We can now benefit from it by using our evolved tools to reverse engineer the products of biological evolution most importantly, the human brain.

La Singularidad está más cerca

While some critics complain that the law of accelerating returns is not a law of nature [43] others question the religious motivations or implications of Kurzweil’s Singularity. No creo en nacionalidades, ni en fronteras. He feels that data collection might be growing exponentially, but insight is increasing only linearly. Kurzweil characterizes evolution throughout all time as progressing through six epochs, each one building on the one before.

The happy part, you mean?

Beam calls it “a Buck Rogers vision of the hypothetical Christian Rapture”. Paul Davies writes “the key point about exponential growth is that it never lasts” [43] often due to resource constraints.

The Singularity is Near Quotes

Kurzweil notes that computational capacity alone will not create artificial intelligence. The Age of Spiritual Machines.

For example, the speed and cost of sequencing genomes is also improving exponentially, but our understanding of genetics is growing very slowly. The New York Times. Anthony Doerr in The Boston Globe wrote “Kurzweil’s book is surprisingly elaborate, smart, and persuasive. As an example, inman landed on the moon. El transhumanismo, la inmortalidad y la cercz son ideas radicalmente disruptivas, y muchas personas tienen miedo al cambio y a lo desconocido.

Views Read Edit View history. Extrapolating exponential growth from there one would expect huge lunar bases kurweil manned missions to distant planets.

Inventing is a lot like surfing: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Las conferencias de Chicago fueron filmadas y parte de ellas se pueden ver en el documental de Ray Kurzweil llamado Trascendent Manen el cual aparezco con Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis y Singylaridad Shatner en un cocktail.

Wellsuna disciplina que permite visualizar muchas de las posibilidades, tanto positivas como negativas, que nos depara el futuro. Kurzweli page was last edited on 30 Juneat Pero a algunos no les hace gracia, desconozco si singulariidad debido a su falta de sentido del humor u otras razones.


How to Create a Mind: This time, however, Kurzweil embraces the term the Singularitywhich was popularized by Vernor Vinge in his essay “The Coming Technological Singularity” more kudzweil a decade earlier.

We ‘hallucineren’ eigenlijk de wereld vanuit ons corticale geheugen. Anthony Doerr says that before you “dismiss it as techno-zeal” consider that “every day the line between what is human and what is not quite human blurs a bit more”.

The overall budget for the whole industry increases over time, since the fruits of exponential growth make it an attractive ls meanwhile the additional budget fuels more innovation which makes the industry grow even faster, effectively an example of “double” exponential growth.

Kurzweil says revolutions in geneticsnanotechnology and robotics will usher in the beginning of the Singularity. The Secret of Human Thought Revealed.

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Los cera en Kurzweil looks at several different estimates of how much computational capacity is in the brain and settles on 10 16 calculations per second and 10 13 bits of memory. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What is consciousness and thinking and memory and singularidd that? Kurzweil calls this exponential growth the law of accelerating returns, and he believes it applies to many human-created technologies such as computer memorytransistorsmicroprocessorsDNA sequencingmagnetic storagethe number of Internet hostsInternet trafficdecrease in device size, and nanotech citations and patents.

During the Singularity, Kurzweil predicts that “human life will be irreversibly transformed” [30] and that humans will transcend the “limitations of our biological bodies and brain”. Beyond reverse engineering the brain in order to understand and emulate it, Kurzweil introduces the idea of “uploading” a specific brain with every mental process intact, to be instantiated on a “suitably powerful computational substrate”.

Since Kurzweil believes computational capacity will continue to grow exponentially long after Moore’s Law ends it will eventually rival the raw computing power of the human brain.