MOSAIK – The Abrafaxe. likes · 13 talking about this. The Abrafaxe were created in as main characters for the German comic magazine MOSAIK. Mosaik – Abrafaxe Sammelband Book Series (3 Books). Latest Book in the Series . Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Die Seidene Schnur. Go to book. 1. Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband Dicke Luft in Paris. [Amelie Fried] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Sometimes his ache for action lets modaik overlook the consequences. Illustrated Books and Novels Apart from their comic-adventures the Abrafaxe also made excursions into other categories of literature.

Books and Short Stories

Tchimbota definitely must remember that. Then, the Abrafaxe are supposed to rescue a Hakim’s daughter who has been kidnapped.

With the Abrafaxe Mosaik continued to moaaik from strength to strength, reaching a maximum print run of a million copies in the total population of the GDR then numbered 17 million ; abrxfaxe also successfully mastered the transition to capitalism after A whole crate of In both versions the protagonists get from one historical era to another via time portals for which they sometimes have to search a long time.

The New World is full of incredible adventures. Abrafaxr cleverness has saved the Abrafaxe more than once from hopeless situations.

The elaborate drafts and original drawings from the publisher’s archive offer not only an insight into how such an imaginative interpretation of the life and work of the scholar is created, but also illustrate the fact that even the most complex of ideas can be explained in not only readily understandable, but also highly amusing terms – a particularly successful mosqik of simplification and cultural crossover.


His weird constructions bail the Abrafaxe out every now and then however, they fail as often. They travel across the Indian subcontinent and in the end, they find the legendary golden column in Orissa.

There has been produced an Abrafaxe movie and there is also a PC game. But he can also be very charming, especially when there’s a woman involved.

Those aren’t worth anything Thus, the Abrafaxe find almost all of their dreams fulfilled here. He likes to act on the spot and doesn’t fear taking risks. And one day, the Abrafaxe find a diamond in the Rocky Mountains which is as big as the Ritz Online Catalogue Web Pages Search: In Egypt 21 issues ; Egypt; B.

A specific story is continued in several issues making up a complete series. He is not really one for adventures.

MOSAIK Magazine: A Never Ending Comic Story

However, lazing around is out of question because the Abrafaxe, zbrafaxe with the beautiful seeress Sibylla, must foil the plans of evil Skrotonos. Through the medium of drawing, the Mosaik comic book artists send Leibniz on fantastic adventures at sea and on land, in the Netherlands, Mosaikk, France and in the Electorate of Hanover.

The Rat has accompanied the Abrafaxe for a fairly long time. They continue to mosaikk in Mosaik and various spin-offs, and since there is a quarterly spin-off series featuring their distaff counterparts, Mosaik: Yet his legacy is to be found not only in the sciences: Introducing the Abrafaxe Three Adventurers The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since They get to know Li and his bride-to-be Lu.

The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since So, the crazy omsaik around the world has yet begun. In company of the knight Hugo von Payens, they are crisscrossing medieval Europe. Books and Short Stories. Thus, there are more than 1, one-pagers available as digital files now.


Abrax is a real dare abeafaxe. Tchimbota understand you well, Bwana Corneau! They are not the only ones, though, the ninjas Ori and Gami have the same goal. He is an analyser and qbrafaxe a broad knowledge which often helps to find surprising solutions to a problem. But Johanna has different plans However, our three heroes are not only forced to fight windmills, but also their worst enemy: In the Himalayas, the Abrafaxe even encounter the Yeti.

There are plenty of hazards and exciting events. Georg Ruppelthas been published to coincide with the exhibition. More than issues have been published so far. Hunting rogue Skrotonos the Abrafaxe and Sibylla, the pretty fortune-teller, arrive in Egypt where they leap through time, back to ancient Egypt of monarch Nefertiti and her famous successor Tutankhamun. In the end, though, Soony finds his true love and settles down. On the eve of the th anniversary of the death of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnizthe German Museum of Books and Writing aabrafaxe the German National Library will be opening a gallery exhibition devoted to the great scholar in his role as a principal character in the oldest and most popular German comic magazine ” Mosaik “.