Patricia Carroll OCSO draws our attention to Aelred of Rievaulx, a Cistercian saint and spiritual writer who specialised in writing about friendship as an image of. Spiritual Friendship has ratings and 39 reviews. Sally said: This short book was written in the form of a dialog between the author, Aelred ( He saw that his reluctance to part from his friends at court, delayed his adopting his monastic calling. For Aelred, the source.

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Well worth the investment.

Because Aelred’s treatise responds to Cicero’s treatise on friendship, I’m at a disadvantage, at least until I read the Cicero. This element of choice would seem to be a bit strange. So, we should be asking ourselves questions like: Aelred was born in HexhamNorthumbriain[1] one of three sons of Eilaf, priest of St Andrew’s at Hexhamhimself a son of another Eilaf, treasurer of Durham. Spiritual writer of depth Besides being a sensitive pastor, he was also a spiritual writer of remarkable depth.

Spiritual Friendship

But what is said here is of use to all: Helps one identify errors made rieaulx aids in seeking the ultimate destination of a spiritual friendship In a remote part of North Yorkshire, deep in a valley that runs into the market town of Helmsley is the remote site of Rievaulx Abbey.

Archived from the original on 25 October So far as I know, then, some of Aelred’s advice is otiose for its compositional context e. This literary format siritual him easy to read. We therefore have the sense, throughout, of eavesdropping where we’re not wanted.

Spiritual Friendship – Aelred of Rievaulx – Google Books

Contact Us Shop About. Scripture says about them: Remember me on this computer. Despite what the eye sees, it is difficult to describe this spectacle as ruins, because with seemingly little effort, the imagination can rebuild what once was. Retrieved from ” https: Considering this was written almost a thousand years ago it roevaulx many what some consider masterpieces.


Aelred of Rievaulx

The decision of whether or not to do wrong for the sake of a friend is almost a non-issue for Aelred: This is true, but what Aelred is emphasising here is that once the gift of friendship is given, you must make a conscious choice to be committed to the relationship, and this element of choice means that the relationship will be free, that each exercises personal responsibility for the friendship.

Douglass Roby’s introduction, incidentally, could just friendxhip well have been written in as He offers much wisdom for choosing and keeping friends. Written in dialogue form it is very readable and worth and examination by anyone who wants to get beyong the Friending and Unfriending of Facebook to reflect on why a Friend is really always a Friend.

Daniel is investing in the cultivation of a deserving memory that is cherished by him and eventually, he conceives, by history. It is an age of paradox whereby the Church strove towards uniformity and order, whilst religious reform and new movements within religious life witnessed to a kind of exuberance. Cistercian abbots were expected to make annual visitations to daughter-houses, and Rievaulx had five in England and Scotland by the time Aelred held office.

Feb 25, Stephen rated it it was amazing. The orientation here is how to establish the truthfulness about friendship as a pathway to God, whereby the other of friendship is highlighted as Christ.

If a person had to ask me what is the best book on friendship, I would not hesitate to point to this work.


Under his administration, the abbey is said to have grown to some monks and conversi and laymen. For example, advice–presumably ported wholesale from Cicero–about worldly goods, bribery, and friendship has been included when monks, particularly Cistercian monks of the twelfth century, would not have had personal property to distribute.

Feb 16, Karen rated it really liked it. fiendship

Spiritual Friendship by Aelred of Rievaulx

Inhe was elected abbot of Rievaulx itself, a position he was to hold until his death. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Cistercian Publications,p In the sixteenth century, before the dissolution of the monastery, John Lelandclaims he saw Aelred’s shrine at Rievaulx containing Aelred’s body glittering with gold and silver.

He is regarded by Anglicans, Catholics, and other Christians as a saint. In this context, biographer becomes subsumed into the role of infirmarian. I experienced this book quite differently. He also speaks to those who spend hours exploring and probing the human need for intimacy, for deep human relationships based on self-disclosure and mutual acceptance, because he provides us with a Christo-centric view of these relationships.

Whilst serving in the Court of King David I of Scotland, Aelred had need to lodge with Walter Espec of Helmsley, the noble patron who had provided for the new monastic foundation griendship His treatise On Spiritual Friendship is presented in the form of dialogues or imaginary conversations berween himself and three other monks.