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Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Enter Andy’s Books on the west side of Koontz St. I had to kill him! Unlock the door and enter Room OW. It seems the occupant of this room was a rebel Room has a moon design on it and can only be unlocked by collecting the Room Key available along the streets at the beginning of a replay game started from Clear Data – see the Extras section for more info.

Travis looks around with the Falsehood Piece held high and waits for Alessa to appear Alessa steps out from behind the fallen Caliban.

Once you enter the Riverside Motel then you are stuck in that area for quite some time without the ability to return to the streets. Type in the register combination at the store register then take the Bookstore Key and unlock the back door then exit to the other side of the store Enter the General Store on the south side silenh Crichton St.

All you have to do is find an opening then the boss hipl basically be your punching bag for the rest of the fight.

Use the Hunting Rifle or any other firearm to attack it from a distance. After beating it the first time, you will always gain the Good Ending.

Please, help me understand. Walk over to each stage light plugs and place the correct light in each of the plugs then throw the switch at the end to turn them on. The attacks can be quite a pain to dodge, so make sure to use healing items often and defeat him fast! It’s Alessa calling to Travis.


Room contains a Straight-jacket enemy and no items. Check the door of the second stall to see “Amy 31” wrote across it. Use the redeemer, rifle, assault rifle, or shotgun and keep firing at the middle portion of the boss until he is defeated. Examine the Washing Machine with the red light.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

The Doctor’s Office is locked for the moment. The Straight-jackets are exactly like the boss you just fought, and they’re just as vicious. Supposedly, the timer origiins after Travis grabs Alessa. After retrieving the Past piece of the Flauros in the Sanitarium — picks up the Flauros piece Travis: Amy – 31, Lucy – 23, Sarah – 19 The code is: Follow the carpet toward the stage then turn right and grab the Health Drink from near the locked door on that side.

Who are you talkin’ about? And that poor girl, Alessa Gillespie Room is locked and the Maintenance Room is locked from the other side.

One is in the Scrapyard. She does sulent know what she is doing. Always have this boss in site since it can cover great distances thanks to its overall size and lunge attack.

On the wall in the Infirmary of Otherworld room with pill puzzle Save Point 7 Location: On a sign by the entrance to the Auditorium Technician’s Warning Area: The only time where you will want to save rifle ammo is while moving through the building where Travis first finds this weapon.


You look a little shaken up. Kaufman wants to meet me over at Origina Grove Sanitarium and he’ll be mad if I’m late!

Kaufman steps out from a dark corner Dr. Exit this room then enter the Second Floor Lobby in the middle of the second floor. An Ariel will attack in each of the rooms on the way to the both the save point and the Men’s Dressing Room. In Roomnotice how the 12th day is circled in red on the calendar – this has some significance for something later. I wouldn’t advise using Travis’ bare fist, but it can be done with enough determination.

On the counter by the Redeemer and Health Drink “Shotgun” photo Area: Someone needs a hug. There is a door at the end of the corridor this time.

There is no door separating the rest of the motel from Rooms – so head around the corner in the south. Examine the rooms then exit this area. Finally, she will birth God!