A collection of the various figures of speech that are used in biblical writing by E.W. Bullinger. By E. W. Bullinger, D.D.. ” How is it that .. Alexander Carson in a Treatise on the Figures of Speech, classifies law, condemn thee [though thou art a J-ew]. E. W. Bullinger’s volume, first published in , clarifies distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser, dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

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The repetition of the same phrase at the end successive paragraphs. An-a’-stro-phe ; or, Arraignment Acts 7: The etymology given in figuees book for each word is only a few lines long.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated

It’s not only the fact that it is so exhaustive and all encompassing, but that it was originally published in – prior to databases, electronic texts and computerized searches! Speehc putting of a proper name for a Appellative or common Noun, or the reverse. Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance.

Where two or more citations are amalgamated Matthew Representation of objects or actions by words. Navigation through the piece is a little cumbersome, but having to lug around the resource is a definite plus. Exemplum ; or, Example Luke Figurres or, Subsequent Narration Genesis An expression of feeling by the way of deprecation.


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Etymology is valuable in medicine. An’-a-co-lu’-thon ; or, Non-Sequence Gen.

An expression of feeling by bullingee of prayer,curse, or imprecation. Idiomatic use of prepositions Luke Even more unfortunate is the fact that most Bible translators do not help the reader in determining where the figures are and what is their meaning.

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: E. W. Bullinger: : Books

Idiomatic use of prepositions Luke Thau-mas’-mos; or, Wondering Romans A change by which one word is cut in two, and another word put in between. Buy the selected items together This item: With over figures of speech used in the Holy Bible, having this powerful tool at my fingertips is a great blessing. The repetition of the disjunctives niether and nor, or, either and or.

Exemplum; or, Example Luke When the parallel lines are so placed that the first corresponds with the last, the second with the last but one, etc. Two metonymies, one contained in the other, but only one expressed. Where the words are changed by a reading, or an inference, or in number, person, mood, or tense.


Dep-re-ca’-ti-o ; or, Deprecation Ex. Where a concluding sentence is added by way of increasing the emphasis.

Chleu-as’-mos ; or, Mocking Ps. The repetition of the same word or words at the beginning and end of a sentence. Ant-i-met-a-the’-sis ; or, Dialogue 1Cor. Certain connected words in the same member of a passage Genesis Affecting the application of words, as to:.

Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Figure of Speech

An outburst of words, prompted by emotion. Plok’-e; or, Word-Folding Jeremiah Used also of an omision in the text caused by such-like endings: The book then it gives each figure the correct pronunciation, it’s etymology breaking the word down into it’s prefixes, suffixes, and root, and what they meanand then each place that figure of speech is used in the Bible. A short sentence added at the end by way of an additional conclusion.

The most valuable book I own is the Holy Bible. Commentary on Revelation by E.